Sferopratic System description and technical specifications

Components description

The "Sferopratic System®" Type 3 - Rev.5 is essentially composed by squared 50 cm modules made by the boltless assembly of only 4 basic elements:


    1. Support feet: besides holding 4 balls, the feet allow for the floor leveling over any kind of ground or flooring even with irregular supporting surfaces thanks to the hinged foot base. The feet can be manufactured with variable height in order to adequate the floor height to existing structures.

    1. Junction and pallet stop elements: they link the feet firmly assembling boltless to the feet; they hold the pallet stop bars where needed. These elements also include the support plates holding brackets.

    1. Support plates: modular and firmly boltless fastened to the Junction elements, these plates support the ball transfer units. The holes below the ball transfer units allow for debris discharge.

    1. Ball transfer units: in AISI 420C stainless steel, Ø30, with carbonitrited cold galvanized steel base suitable for heavy duty. The dirt exit holes in the bottom allow the discharge of debris and keep the ball clean and functional over time, significantly reducing maintenance.


The flexibility of a roller floor: “Sferopratic System®” Type 3 – Rev.5

The new Revision 5 of the “Sferopratic System®” Type 3 has been significantly simplified thus further increasing its modularity in order to allow an easy expansion of the system with few and simple steps, without the use of any tool, even by the end user.