A.G.A. Sistems Trading srl is the exclusive manufacturer of the "Sferopratic System®" a modular support roller floor (International and Italian Patent Pending).


The Company deals with the designing, supplying, maintenance and warranty of the system.

“Sferopratic System®” solves the problem of the manual handling and storage of air cargo 463L pallets and similar with several advantages:

  • Practicalness: one or two people can easily move a full loaded pallet (up to 10,000 lb)
    Economy: makes excellent use of floor space than using the forklift,  and maximises the area in which pallets can be stored.
  • Modularity: it adapts to any space, even with irregular perimeter, and its modularity allows the rapid deployment
  • Safety: it allows easy and completely safe walking thanks to the special disposition of the balls and to the tread aluminum floor tiles
  • Versatility: you can store and handle any type of load with a rigid base, weighing up to 5000 kg/m2 (1,000 pounds per square foot)
  • Adaptability: the adjustable hinged feet enable it to be installed perfectly level even on uneven surfaces and the floor height can be set at variable levels
  • Simplicity: "Sferopratic System®" Type 3 - Rev.5 the latest version, is made of only four basic elements that can easily be boltless assembled without the use of any tool. 


The exclusive roller ball floor system "Sferopratic System®" Type 3 - Rev.5  (International and Italian Patent Pending) is an extremely tough modular raised floor, built to  withstand over 5000 kg/m2 (1,000 psf) over time for the manual handling and storage of air cargo pallets.

The "Sferopratic System®" is currently produced in three types, of which Type 3 - Rev.5 is particularly suitable for the handling and storage of air cargo standard pallets  as well as ULD air containers used for air cargo transport.


The use of the "Sferopratic System" allows for:

  • Reduced staff for manual handling (one or two people can easily move the pallet or ULD AIR CONTAINER loaded evenly up to 10,000 lb).
  • The increase of the storage capacity of the site where it is installed as the entire floor area can be used, given the ease of manual handling in any direction and with reduced action area.
  • Work safely, as the system is equipped with special pallet stops and the balls placement is designed to allow the operator to have enough free space to stand firmly on the floor of non-slip aluminum tread plates.
  • Eliminating the use of expensive anti-explosive handling equipment as bridge cranes, special forklifts etc. in warehouses where explosive and/or flammable materials are stored.
  • Installation where the absence of electrostatic charges (ESD) must be guaranteed (explosives, hazmat...), as the system cannot develop them.
  • System installation even in irregular floored rooms as the system is provided with adjustable supports with hinged feet that allow installation of the system perfectly leveled and in line with standard cargo loader or loading platforms.
  • Set up of sorting and storage depots where there is no electricity or where it cannot be used, totally eliminating electricity consumption costs.
  • Minimal costs and times of routine maintenance of facilities and handling equipment.
  • Easy removal and adaptation to other facilities using the same elements.
  • Stowing and deploying using minimum space as all of its parts can be easily dismantled and put in normal containers.
  • Easy individual replacement of each component of the structure.
  • Easily build loading platforms anywhere in the roller floor perimeter, as the platform's elements perfectly fit with the standard modules.


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