Kongsberg Electronic Targets



A.G.A. Sistems Trading s.r.l. is an appointed distributor of Kongsberg Electronic Targets dealing with the design, supply and and maintenance of the system.


Electronic shooting ranges5

A.G.A. Sistems Trading s.r.l. supplies complete Electronic Shooting lanes both for indoor or outdoor shooting ranges, temporary or permanent.
The main system is made of a target which can be moving or not, and a monitor near the shooter.
The connecttion between the two components can be wired or wireless. The system does not need any calibration or setup, just plug and play.
The Kongsberg Electronic Targets system is designed for training and competition, as well as tests of weapons and ammunition, for all kinds of rifle and pistol calibres between 4.5 mm and 12.7 mm (cal .50). Electronic Targets are available for all kind of shooting:
short range     (10-50 m)
medium range (100-300 m)
long range      (400-1200 m).


Immediate and accurate feedback

There is no need for manpower in the butt/pit; more people are trained at the same time. The Range Management Software makes it easy for instructors to detect which shooters need assistance.
It is simple to store and print the results.





4Accuracy is according to the standards set by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).
An independant report by the UK National Rifle Association shows that the accuracy at 1,000 yards is 0.65 mm. The accuracy at 10m is 0.1mm. Handles fully automatic fire up to 25 rounds per second


Equipment designed for wet, windy, hot and cold conditions

The monitor is waterproof and made of stainless steel. The display is readable in bright sunlight and is protected by laminated glass, able to withstand the impact of cartridges from automatic weapons.
Our shooting ranges/galleries function well in a variety of locations, such as all along the wet and windy coast of Norway, coldness in Spitsbergen and hot desert in Australia.


High mobility

The targets may be mounted in containers, which make the ranges mobile.



Smart card solution

Each shooter can be identified and it is easy to control the individual consumption of ammunition.


“Pc Target” Software

All Kongsberg targets can be run on your own PC. Economical to establish your own shooting range.




Schema di funzionamento wireless